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What You Need to Know About Agents

Kelli Enos

Which Agent Does What For You?

Buying a new home, especially for the first time, can be confusing. The best way to navigate the world of complicated contracts and the ever-changing landscape of home plans is to have a Agent (called a Buyer’s Agent) who works specifically for you.

In purchasing a newly constructed home, there should be two agents involved; the Buyer’s Agent (which represents your interests) and the Builder’s Onsite Agent (which represents that particular builder’s interests).

The Onsite Agent represents the Builder and will provide additional information for the homes offered by that specific Builder in that specific community, along with having the contracts etc. needed for purchase. The Buyer’s Agent represents you, the Buyer, and will guide you and help you navigate the process from beginning to end.

When you are looking at communities, there are multiple builders with various home plans available, in multiple locations, a Buyer’s Agent will assist you in finding the perfect home plan within your price range, with the features, options, and community amenities you are looking for, throughout all builders.

Both the Buyer’s Agent and the Onsite Agents’ services are free to the Buyer. The Agent’s commission is built into the homes’ price and does not affect your purchase price in any way. Be aware of any Onsite Agent offering you a discount to forego using a Buyer’s Agent – this is an unethical tactic and, though rare, will give you an indication they do not have your best interest at hand. They are simply trying to ensure you buy from their Builder – whether it’s the right home for you or not.

When looking to make a new construction home purchase, a handful of the benefits to having a Buyer’s Agent on your side are as follows:

  • They know how to read and explain a new construction contract and the myriad of Addendums that go along with the contract
  • They research and understand the features of the lot and land, what is going to be built around the community in the near future, underground streams, topography, whether all the trees stay, etc
  • They negotiate features and pricing on your behalf
  • They pay attention to the quality of construction from builder to builder
  • They prepare for and attend builder meetings and walkthroughs
  • They offer suggestions and advice (on options, inspections, mortgages, and construction issues) throughout the buying process
  • They help you find homes within your desired parameters such as price, location, features, and amenities
  • They are with you from the start of your search until well after you’ve closed on your home
  • They guide, council, negotiate, intervene, explain, and always represent your best interests

Both the Onsite Agent and the Buyer’s Agent are experienced professionals in different fields. The primary difference is the Onsite Agent’s expertise is with the Builder they represent and the community they manage. The Buyer’s Agent’s expertise is with all
things real estate including all the different Builders in all the different communities.

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